Students came together today to hear about incredible international successes of student organising from representatives of the European Students Union (ESU), the United States Students’ Association (USSA), and the Fees Must Fall movement in South Africa.

Several messages rang clear and were repeated by Breana Ross (USSA), Lerato Machaba (#FeesMustFall), and Viktor Grønne (ESU).

NGM-15 11 Shareable Ross

Lerato Machaba is a BCom student at the University of Witwatersrand and an organiser with the #FeesMustFall movement.


The USSA’s campaign focuses for the year are to re-focus on free education for all students, and also to challenge anti-black racism, because access to education goes beyond tuition fees.

Victor Gronne (ESU) presented on the long history of free education in Europe, So many countries support public education for the public good!

Follow the Motions! 

On the second and third days of the general meeting, plenary sub-committees and the forum meet. The sub-committees are: budget committee, organisational services and development committee, policy review and development committee and the campaigns and government relations forum.

During the course of the meeting, delegates participate in caucuses and constituency groups. The current caucuses of the Federation include College and Institute Associations, Large Institute Associations, Small University Associations, National Aboriginal Caucus and National Graduate Caucus.

To promote the diverse needs and interests of students, the Federation includes constituency-based representation for student artists, students with disabilities, francophone students, international students, part-time and mature students, queer students, racialized students, and women. Provincial components and regions also meet throughout the general meeting. In these spaces, student representatives from coast to coast come together under common characteristics and identifies to learn from each other, discuss the business of the meeting and plan for the future of the movement.

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